ICCT 2019

15. - 17. DUBNA 2019

More information available soon.

My colleagues, friends, dear chemists,

It is an honour and a great pleasure to invite you again after a year to what already is the sixth year of the International Chemical Technology Conference ICCT in the beautiful surroundings of Moravian Mikulov.

Last year has shown us, that our chemistry is doing quite well in industry, research and science.  Our common endeavour now should be to turn this positive development into a long-term trend. It has been stated before that it shall not be so without new, well educated, chemists, respectively, without technical workers in general. A new situation is evident from  information from multiple educational initiatives and programmes, whether they are centrally organised or organised by individual schools or companies. Industry, and the chemical one first of all as it seems, has to take a great part in education, doing so in a close cooperation with schools of all levels. I believe that ICCT is a place where, thanks to the composition of participants, we can objectively discuss the form of a proper chemical education in a country at the doorstep of industry 4.0.

Let us, therefore, come to Mikulov in April 2018, let us listen to interesting announcements from chemical laboratories and production companies; and let us discuss, with a glass of wine, the ways to make our chemistry not only sustainable, but outstanding.

The aim of the conference is also to create a space for international cooperation between companies, universities, and research facilities.   

See you in Mikulov.

doc. Ing. Jaromír Lederer, CSc.
Chairman of ČSPCH