6th International Conference on Chemical Technology

ICCT 2018

will be held in hotel Galant, Mikulov, Czech Republic on 

16. – 18. 4. 2018


Dear Colleagues, Friends, Chemists,
It is a great honor and pleasure to welcome you again to the fifth year of the International Chemical Technology Conference ICCT, which will be held on April 10 – 12, 2017 in Mikulov. The previous four years have definitively confirmed that this type and scope of conference is appealing to the chemist community. A stable number of participants and interest in presenting the work and research of chemists from the industry are proof.
We can say that since last year there has been a more favorable climate for domestic chemistry. We are certainly pleased that the pace of our economy (a large part of chemistry and chemical industry) has certainly continued to grow, and with good prospects in the coming years. However, if we talk about the prospects, we hear from all sides that a current key issue is the lack of younger, competent technical staff. And this is true, unfortunately, for most industries. Many are asking where we went wrong. Why teaching chemistry in secondary schools, with few exceptions, is declining and interest in studying technical subjects falling. In addition to successful industrial innovation and research, it will be especially necessary in Mikulov to discuss these issues seriously. Take for example the fact that the development of modern chemical technologies is not among the direct priorities of national research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic.
These are the questions which we will not solve in Mikulov, but we should hold an informed and friendly debate. I believe that ahead of us is a modern chemical industry, renowned and well-managed chemical research of all types and quality chemical education with plenty of candidates - such a chemical industry that will improve our position in engineering, agriculture and health, while being environmentally friendly and low in energy demands.
As every year we have prepared a conference with the desire to be interesting and beneficial to you, chemical manufacturing, research and education.
To the success of our meeting!
doc. Ing. Jaromír Lederer, PhD.
ČSPCH Chairman