Materials engineering

Binding interactions of metylxanthines to beech wood 
Klára Kobetičová (CTU in Prague)

Influence of the additoin of blast furnace slag to alkali-activated mixtures based on natural zeolites
Kateřina Strejcová (Orlen UniCRE)
Substituted diphenylamino styryl benzenes as promissive materials with tunable intenzive solid state fluorescence – synthetic approach to key intermediate
Aleš Imramovský (University of Pardubice)
Precursor-reforming synthesis of mesoporous g-C3N4 nanosheets for photocatalytic destruction of organic dye and pharmaceuticals
Halyna Starukh (VSB TU, Ostrava)
Tio2-LDH nanocomposites for organic dye removal from aqueous media by adsorption and photocatalytic degradation 
Halyna Starukh (VSB TU, Ostrava)
Development of ecological pyrotechnic compositions
Milan Olšovský (ZVS IMPEX)

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