Organic technology

Catalytic transformations of bioethanol
Blažej Horváth (STU in Bratislava)
Catalytic oxidation of furfural to maleic acid in the presence of iron based catalysts
Tomáš Soták (STU in Bratislava)
Effect of the support on manganese carbon catalysts for oxidation of cyclohexanone by molecular oxygen
Tomáš Soták (STU in Bratislava)
Preparation of pseudopeptide aldehydes and vinyl sulfones as a potencional proteasome inhibitors
Eliška Pilařová (University of Pardubice)
Selective Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction of cinnamaldehyde over Al-containing catalysts
Olga Gorlova (UCT in Prague)
The effect of temperature and concentration of water on oxidation of dicyclohexylamine with air
Roman Valeš (UCT in Prague)
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