Waste treatment, water protection

PET-G as a PET contaminant 
Lucie Šudomová (Brno University of Technology)
Modelling particle size characteristics and specific energy demand for knife-milled beech chips at different moistures
Lukáš Krátký (CTU in Prague)

Resource recovery from waste polystyrene via thermo-catalytic depolymerization
Amer Inayat (VSB-TU Ostrava)
Resistance of mixtures of Czech high temperature ash associates to alternative freezing and thawing
Klára Pulcová (UCT in Prague)

Air protection, technologies for soil decontamination

P41       (abstract)
Photocatalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide over sulphur modified graphitic carbon nitride
Petr Praus (VSB TU, Ostrava)
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