Aim | Main Topics


The eight annual conference continues a long tradition of chemical and technological conferences with the aim of informing experts about the key challenges and problems of chemistry and energy in an international context.
The mission of the conference is also to develop mutual awareness and cross-border collaboration among staff and students from various chemical industries and regions.
The intention is also specifically to promote discussion and encourage the cooperation of the chemical industry (including SMEs), universities, educational organizations and government institutions. The exchange of knowledge and experience is important on European scale as well, as it corresponds to the open area of chemistry in modern technologies, information sharing, trade, and especially in the unlimited international mobility of chemical experts.

  • Energy Sources, Chemical Technologies and Materials

     - Petrochemicals and Organic Technology
     - Oil, Gas, Coal, Fuel, Biofuels
     - Polymers, Composites
     - Inorganic Technology
     - Material Engineering (Incl. Modern Metallic Biomaterials for Medical Purposes)
     - Biotechnology and Biorefinary
     - Pharmaceutical Technology

  • Environmental Protection Technology

     - Waste Processing, Air and Water Protection, Technologies for the Decontamination of Soils
     - Chemical Processes and Devices, Secure Management Processes, Accidents Prevention, etc.
     - Economy of Chemical Industry

At the beginning of the Waste Processing section there will be a specialized seminar focused on Circular Economy, organized in cooperation with SUSCHEM and PLASTY platforms.