Dear colleagues, dear friends, esteemed chemists,

In the year 2023, it is my great honor and pleasure to invite you once again to the 10th International Chemical-Technological Conference (ICCT) after a year.
This year's conference aims to be more than just a celebratory 10th meeting. It will be a scientific event that emphasizes what our industry, research, education institutions, and political representatives will be fundamentally and long-term confronted with, namely the real impacts of decarbonization and commitments to the Green Deal. It is no longer just a slogan but a strategic program not only for the industry but for the overall lifestyle of our lives. Basic principles are formulated by many current professional and political authorities to meet the stated commitments, namely:
  • Preparing a social atmosphere for creating demand for low-carbon solutions
  • Adopting mandatory legal regulations that ensure clear rules for the long term
  • Ensuring access to public funding (grants, programs, etc.) for innovation to enable the connection of public and private financial resources
  • Ensuring stable national and international cooperation.
It can be said that precisely such conferences that we organize in Mikulov can effectively contribute to fulfilling these principles. We will also adapt the new scientific program of this year's conference to these trends. Let us come to the ICCT conference in April. Let us present and discuss together (perhaps over a glass of wine) ways in which we can jointly address future challenges in industry, research, and schools on the road to sustainable and carbon-neutral chemistry.

See you in Mikulov.

Doc. Ing. Jaromír Lederer, CSc.
President of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering (ČSPCH)

Registration desk will open from Monday, May 24, 2023 at 10:30 am.

Dates & Deadlines

Main Topics

  • Decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries - Green Deal, economics of the chemical industry
  • Oil, petrochemicals, organic technology
  • Biotechnology, specialty chemical technology
  • New materials, energy sources, hydrogen strategy, advanced processes and devices, environmental technologies