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Dear colleagues, dear friends and all chemists,

The eighth International Chemical Technology Conference ICCT 2021 builds on the long tradition of chemical technology conferences, which aimed to acquaint the professional public with the key challenges and problems of chemistry, energy and related fields, in an international context.

The basic mission of the ICCT conference remains to develop mutual information, exchange of knowledge and experience on a European scale, in line with the open space in the field of modern chemical technologies, information sharing, trade and, in particular, international mobility of chemical professionals. For this reason, it is important to facilitate meetings, promote cooperation and dialogue, strengthen relationships between government executives, manufacturing companies, prominent experts from universities and research institutes, and talented students from various chemical disciplines and regions.

The format of the ICCT conference has recently become increasingly important also because the obligations arising from the already enacted measures under the so-called "Green Deal for Europe" will significantly affect the future activities of all actors in the chemical, energy and other sectors, many years the nature of the functioning of the whole society and the future of our planet.

The eighth ICCT conference focuses on all the above challenges. For this year, we are preparing the conference for the first time by distance learning. We want to demonstrate that the pandemic situation cannot prevent us from communicating, that we are technically ready to maintain regular meetings of chemists at the highest possible professional and organizational level, using modern forms of communication.

For all participants, the eighth ICCT conference will provide an opportunity to present and discuss their visions, long-term intentions and projects, or even the opportunity to establish contact with talented future collaborators on these projects.

We look forward to your interest and any form of participation in the conference.

Assoc. Prof. Jaromir Lederer, Ph.D.
Chairman of ČSPCH

Dates & Deadlines

Main Topics

Oil, Petrochemistry, Organic technology and Chemical industry economics – Green deal, Decarbonization, Green hydrogen
  • Oil, gas, coal – alternative raw materials, petrochemistry and organic technology – new technologies, biorefineries, fuels, biofuels and e-fuels
  • Petrochemistry and organic technology – alternative raw materials, new technologies, new and crucial products
  • Economics of chemical industry in new conditions

Biotechnology, Technology of chemical specialties
  • Biotechnology and biorefinery
  • Synthesis and production of drugs
  • Polymers, composites

New materials, Energy sources, Hydrogen strategy, Advanced processes and apparatus, Technologies for environmental protection
  • Inorganic technology
  • Materials engineering (including modern metal biomaterials for medical purposes)
  • Circulating economy