Goals and visions 

The eleventh international conference continues the long tradition of chemical and technological conferences and aims to introduce the scientific community to the key challenges and problems of chemistry and energy in the international context and to suggest ways to address these challenges, especially in the Czech Republic, in the future.

Thematic focus of the ICCT 2024 conference

The following topics are chosen to correspond to the new priorities for the development of chemistry in the Czech Republic and reflect the current problems of chemical technologies, the issue of decarbonisation and the fulfilment of the objectives of the Paris Agreement of 2015 in terms of the update of the National RIS3 Strategy for the period 2021-2027, which was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic:
New production technologies for the chemical industry that reduce environmental impact 
  • new and innovative production technologies for the chemical industry, including reducing their negative effects on the environment and reducing their energy intensity, e.g. synthetic fuels for transport decarbonisation
Energy conversion and storage, carbon capture and use 
  • materials and technologies for energy conversion and storage, electricity storage (e.g. Power-to-X) and use in hydrogen technologies, Carbon Capture and Use (CCU)
Ecological and efficient ways of hydrogen production
  • innovative ways of producing hydrogen using renewable and sustainable energy sources
More efficient separation processes   
  • distillation, membrane separations, filtration nanomaterials
Elimination, reduction of the use of hazardous chemicals in final products   
  • suppressing and substituting potentially hazardous chemicals (SVHCs) in order to achieve a non-toxic environment
Applying the Industry 4.0 concept in the chemical industry  
  • implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept in the chemical industry. Focus on operational and computer security in the context of digitalization and automation of production
New advanced non-metallic materials for industrial and consumer use  
  • advanced materials: modern plastics, biomaterials and biodegradable materials, modern catalysts, nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, special fibers, technical textiles, composite materials, fiber composites, viscous fibers, materials for production technologies and specific uses -3D printing, insulation materials and more
New and sophisticated organic compounds for various applications 
  • e.g. microelectronics
  • advanced technologies for the production of dosage forms, in particular using advanced materials and leading to nano- and micro-structured products with improved performance
  • materials and innovative applications for drug delivery
  • innovative drug formulations using new materials, combinations of materials, new principles or enabled by advanced materials characterisation
  • technologies for new advanced drugs and biopharmaceuticals, their use and production
  • Advanced Therapeutic Medicines Manufacturing (ATMP) technologies 
  • analytical methods and analytical techniques in diagnostics
New advanced metallic materials for industrial and consumer use  
  • advanced metal materials and technologies for their production and processing. Extraction of alkali and precious metals
  • advanced materials and nanomaterials with applications in healthcare (metal, composite, ceramic, polymer, textile and other materials)
  • implants, including their surface treatments and special surfaces (bone and dental implants), organ replacements
Advanced materials and nanotechnology  
  • research and development of technologies for the production of advanced materials and nanomaterials for use in electronics, optoelectronics, electrical engineering, digital technologies and ICT and their modification and processing (material deposition, etching, passivation, cutting, grinding, surface protection of materials, etc.) 
  • research and development of advanced manufacturing technologies for the production of electronic, optoelectronic and micro/nano mechanical components and devices
  • research and development of technologies and equipment (instrumentation, etc.) for measurement, diagnostics, control and metrology purposes in electronics, electrical and micro-nano mechanics and ICT
Industrial biotechnology  
  • industrial biotechnology, in particular: catalysts, bioreactors, biofuels
  • research and development of biomaterials and their use in electronics and electrical engineering (biosensors, etc.)
  • research and development of technologies, systems and equipment for use in biotechnology and life sciences
Waste management, air and wastewater treatment   
  • efficient operation of technologies with waste minimization, use of waste for material recovery, eg chemical recycling, Green chemistry
  • effective use of technologies with minimization of wastewater and the possibility of their reuse.
  • air purification, photocatalytic coatings
Innovative products and solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries  
  • solid state drug chemistry.
  • continuous pharmaceutical processes
  • advanced drug formulations and drug delivery systems
  • special purpose foods and food supplements based on special nutrition
  • green pharmacy