Goals and visions 

The eighth annual conference continues in the long tradition of chemical-technological conferences and aims to familiarize professionals with the key challenges and problems of chemistry and energy in the international context.

Thematic focus of the ICCT 2021 conference

Current research and innovation strategy of the chemical industry based on the Roadmap industrial upgrading and introducing advanced technologies in the chemical industry Czech Republic. 
The vision of the European chemical industry until 2030 assumes the following mega trends for future development:
  • Green Agreement for Europe – A low carbon economy
  • Hydrogen strategy
  • Strategies for sustainable development in the field of chemicals
  • Intelligent specialization of the Czech Republic
  • Circular economics
  • Industry 4.0
  • Water management
Accordingly, the vision of Czech chemistry assumes the following research and innovation strategy in the areas with regard to national specifics:
  • Oil processing, petrochemistry.
  • Advanced processes and apparatus
  • Advanced materials
  • Advanced catalysts
  • Fertilizers for sustainable agriculture 
Main aspects of this strategy:
  • Renewable hydrogen (hydrogen strategy)
  • Increased energy efficiency of process technologies using digitization
  • Electrification of chemical production processes using renewable energy sources
  • Biotechnology as a source of raw materials as a substitute for declining fossil raw materials
  • Recycling and processing of secondary raw materials and waste
  • Modernization of refinery-petrochemical complex
  • Energy efficient water management
  • Industrial symbiosis through better energy recovery
  • Digitization (investment in the so-called Third IT Platform, Internet of Things – IoT)
Basic challenges for research and development of technological innovations:
  • Development of advanced materials and technologies for sustainable production, for renewable energy sources
  • Development of commercial technologies for the recovery of industrial flue gases (e.g., the use of CO2 for the production of renewable raw materials for the production of plastics and other chemicals 13)
  • Processes for optimal recovery of waste, recycled materials at the end of their life into secondary raw materials
  • Industrial economically acceptable processes for the preparation of renewable hydrogen
  • Advanced catalysts for process intensification, biotechnology and petrochemistry
  • New processes for optimal integrated water management