Conference topics

Decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries – Green Deal 

  • Decarbonisation – energy conversion and storage, carbon capture and its use
  • Innovative ways to produce hydrogen using renewable and sustainable energy sources
  • Circular economy
Biotechnology, Technology of chemical specialties
  • Biotechnology and biorefinery
  • Synthesis and production of drugs
  • Polymers, composites
Economy of the chemical industry
  • Economy of the chemical industry in new conditions

Organic Technology, Petrochemistry, Applied Catalysis and Organic Technology

  • Oil, gas, coal – alternative raw materials, petrochemistry and organic technology – new technologies, biorefineries, fuels, biofuels and e-fuels
  • Petrochemistry and organic technology – alternative raw materials, new technologies, new and crucial products
  • Applied catalysis and organic technology

New materials, Energy sources, Hydrogen strategy, Advanced processes and apparatus, Technologies for environmental protection
  • Inorganic technology
  • Materials engineering (including modern metal biomaterials for medical purposes)
  • Process engineering
  • Technology for environmental protection