Date & Conference venue

April 15–17, 2024

Mlýnská 2
692 01 Mikulov, Czech Republic

Travel information

from Vienna: 100 km, highway A5
from Prague: 248 km – highway D1, exit 194 (direction to Vienna), R52, road No. 52
from Brno: 50 km, R52, road No. 52
from Bratislava: 103 km, highway D2, exit 41 (direction to Mikulov), road No. 422

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The town of Mikulov offers perception with literally all senses. For many the reasons for a visit include history embodied in architectural monuments, and for nature lovers and people preferring active rest it is the unique natural conditions of the region. Those who appreciate good wine Mikulov offers rich viticulture tradition.

Mikulov is situated in the very heart of a wine region, that is why it also offers vine paths with stops in local public or family wine cellars or wine tasting centres. When talking about wine festivals in the Mikulov region everybody will in the first place remember the traditional Pálava vine harvest and wine festival, held over the second weekend in September in all lanes and corners of the town.

More information about the sights and surroundings can be found on the official website of Mikulov City.