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Publication / full papers

Full papers will be accepted in English only. 

Proceedings of full papers in electronic form
Our goal is to publish full texts in English in the Web of Science Clarivate Analytics database. The full texts will be published in the proceedings after review by the members of the Scientific Committee. An electronic proceedings (PDF) of full texts will be published by October 2021 and placed on the conference website.

The full texts of the papers written in English will be required in the electronic form by June 13, 2021. The full texts will be uploaded via the ICCT 2021 conference registration system. You will find a separate form for this purpose in the registration system.

The organizers of the conference do not guarantee that the proceedings sent for publication in the Web of Science database will be published in this database. The inclusion of a contribution in the Web of Science database is governed by the company's internal rules.

To send the full paper, please use the Instructions for creation (template), which you can download by clicking on the icon below.

!!! Authors are encouraged to follow the formatting provided in the guidelines. The most common errors are in decimal numbers, where the English language does not use a comma, but a dot. So use a dot. Other errors are mainly in non-compliance with table formatting. WE ASK FOR COMPLIANCE WITH THE PRESCRIBED FORMATING STYLES !!!

Full paper should be sent in MS Word format and in PDF.