Based on the decision of the Czech government to ban all public events for an unspecified period (min 30 days), the organizers of ICCT 2020 decided to cancel the conference. The money paid for registration fees and accommodation booked via the secretariat of the conference will be returned.

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Chemists,

It is a both a great honor and pleasure to invite you to the Eighth International Conference on Chemical Technology (ICCT) in the beautiful surroundings of Moravian Mikulov. 

One of the main purposes of the conference is to create an environment that facilitates the mutual acquaintance of the academic and industrial spheres and thus also to present an opportunity for managers and entrepreneurs to seek out new colleagues among the community of young scientists and researchers.

Recent years and perhaps even future outlooks have shown the success of our chemistry work in both industry as well as in research and science. Now we must ensure that this positive development becomes a long-term trend, particularly by improving education in chemistry and in technical fields in general, especially in primary and secondary schools.  

Interconnecting the areas of chemical production, research (both basic and applied) and technical education is the only way to create opportunities and not threats out of the incoming necessary phase of decarbonization of the economy. However, it will be difficult without educated experts. Indeed, it will be quite difficult to identify a long-term sustainable direction in technology versus what may be currently popular but would prove in the end to be a useless and unnecessary endeavor.  It will, of course, be a challenge to recognize what is objectively correct and then have the appropriate resources of good (yet likely expensive) technology to implement it vigorously and competitively.

Due to its being composed of such participants, I believe that the ICCT provides the ideal opportunity for constructive conversation about how to find solutions to this situation in chemistry. 

Let us come together to meet in Mikulov in April 2020 to hear interesting talks by those from chemical laboratories and manufacturing companies. Let us talk together after the lectures over a glass of wine about the ways in which our work in chemistry may, in the long-term, be not only sustainable but also highly innovative, and certainly also in an international context.   

I look forward to seeing you in Mikulov.

doc. Ing. Jaromír Lederer, CSc.
Chairman, ČSPCH